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02/12/2011 19:54


The celebration of 15thanniversary of students survivor association(AERG) held on this Sunday  November 6, 2011 at Amahoro petit stade. the students from different sections attended such as AERG-KIE,NUR,KIST&KHI,ISAE,UPU,ULK,SFB,……and other students from different secondary schools. there were many members of AERG and others come from different instutitions

This ceremony started at 7am ,in that time different slogan were used by AERG members to show their happiness.the guest of honour and others guests arrived at 10am .at that time the ceremony was started by national anthem.

 Protais Mitari(left)Gatari Egide,Gen.James Kabarebe,Egide Kayiranga(right)

The guest of honour of that ceremony was Minister of Defense Gen.James  Kabarebe who received Award on behalf of H.E Paul Kagame, the President of Republic of Rwanda.


Minister of Defense was receiving certificate(left) AERG Coordinator(right)

This  certificate is in recognition of his efforts and courage to stop the Genocide as he led the Rwanda Patriotic Army,” said the national coordinator of AERG, Egide Gatari.

The starting of that ceremony different cultural Troups such as IKIREZI from AERG-KIE,INYAMIBWA from AERG-NUR,INDANGAMIRWA from DUKUNDANE family  welcomed all the guests in their best songs and traditional dance.


Inyamibwa  cultural Troup from AERG-NUR

The AERG national coordinator Egide Gatari explained the history of AERG and the purpose of this association is to overcome the problems and other difficulties facing the students  Genocide survivors  he told that the main objective of this association is to build faith among the students genocide this time our goals were achieved’’said Gatari

The Guest of Honor Minister of Defense Gen.James Kabarebe told the AERG Members to keep on their way for better future and that the President Paul  Kagame was committed to assist them for their vision .

Minister of Defense Gen.James Kabarebe

That ceremony ended by taking pictures and sharing with different guests


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