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The 1994 Tutsi Genocide has caused a lot of loss both in human lives and in material goods. Those who survived are experiencing severe problems:-becoming orphans, Disability of all kinds, high rate of   miseries, etc.

After several analyses, these students decided to create an association with the aim of gathering students and pupils survivors of genocide in order to overcome the above stated problems and finding out their solutions or remedies; And is dedicated to wide financial support, moral help and ensure that survivors students overcome trauma and to fight against this scandalous event so that it may never happen again in our country and even elsewhere. Name (Association des Etudiants et élèves rescapés du Génocide), ''AERG'' in acronymes. 

AERG is an association of student survivors of genocide against Tutsi, created on 20th October, 1996 at   National University of Rwanda by twelve students; with the main mission of gathering and representing all higher leaning and secondary school student survivors of Genocide,   A.E.R.G. was found to become a new family for all orphans of genocide.


After its creation, A.E.R.G was expanded in secondary schools around the national university and later on became represented in entire country. Now it counts 26 sections of universities and higher leaning institutes


Also 335 secondary schools have been already inaugurated. Up to now AERG has got 43,397 members in the whole country headed by National coordination.




  • ·         To bring together and represent all student survivors of Tutsi genocide and others who are interested with AERG activities. 
  • ·         To identify the academic and socio-economic problems encountered by the student survivors of Genocide;
  • ·         To collaborate and cooperate with judicial authorities in order to prosecute the perpetrators of the Tutsis Genocide in their respective regions;
  • ·         To promote the mutual material and moral help among members;
  • ·         To collaborate with physical and moral persons(National and international non government organizations) for the well being of members;
  • ·         To collect and to keep Genocide testimonies or other information related to genocide perpetrated against Tutsi and take care of memorial sites.
  • ·         To fight against genocide ideology so that it may never happen again in our country and elsewhere in the world;
  • ·         To bury the remains of Genocide victims with respect and commemorate the memory of Tutsi genocide victims in Rwanda;







C.C (comité de contrôle)

C.A (comité d’Arbitrage)



SECTIONS OF AERG in high learning Institutions and Universities



SECTION OF AERG in Secondary Schools





The Association is composed of three categories of members:

  • Effective members
  •  Adherent members
  •  Honor members



·         An effective member is any student, survivor of genocide against Tutsi who wishes and requests to join and work together in order to fulfill and achieve the mission of the association.

·         An adherent member is any other student who wishes to join the association with the good will to participate actively and tirelessly following status of AERG

·         An honor member is any former member of AERG of honesty and integrity, he/she may be also any other person with willingness to join the association he/she would not have been implicated in genocide




 Leaders of Aergkie since its 1st day


Kayiranga Theobard

Kayiranga Theobard
Names : Kayiranga Theobard Option : computer science Period: 2010 - 2011


  Names:Patrick Option:Biology and Chemistry Period: 2009


  Names: kabaya;    Option:_    ; Period: 2008


  Names: Donath ;  Option: Computer Science ; Period: 2007

Mutanguha Freddy

Mutanguha Freddy
Names: Mutanguha Freddy option: period:First coordinnation   This man is of paramount importance in the history of aergkie ,infact the idea of its foundation was his child brain in callaboration with some of his fellows at the time.  

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