Imbere Heza

what's a Shining party

20/08/2010 23:50

28 August on Suturday morning  AERG-KIE refound it's traditional Farewell Party where Diferent Games were organised in all PlayingGround of KIE Football 1st level and 4th level played with 2nd and 3rd level, baskeball, bille, imifuka,Gusimbuka umugozi,bille ku bihiko what unforgetheble Morning!! but the smiles of Tears become when Agati Game started Beltirida,kayitare and others make everyone lauthing in their running time what's Beautiful momemt we had thougth our elder of GAERG were not there they were in umuganda ata ntarama in afternoon we've gone at Lapalisse Nyandungu were ikirezi troupe entairned everyone ,the skech by 12 promotion , the award for the best succeded students without forgeting the uncompareble M C niwemfura Mariane! long live to AERG and Rwanda.


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