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A-SPASE:     Mr. Coordinator, we met you with ladies and gentlemen here in LA PILOGUE

                      bar and restaurant, what is your main purpose of being here?

PATRICK:  As you see, we are here as persons who finished their studies at KIE in

                      order to visit LA CONFIANCE FAMILY in which we were member during

                      5 years when we were student. These ladies and gentlemen that you’ve seen

                       are members of LA CONFIANCE. Inn short, we are here in order to share

                       views and feelings with our younger sisters and brothers.

A-SPACE:  These are many persons that do consider AERG as an association of students

                     when they are at campus and even pupils when they are at school. By

                     contrary, you still be members of AERG even though you are no longer

                     student. What makes you differ from others?

PATRICK: There is an important thing for a person. For me AERG is an association that

                     comes first in all dairy plans. Not being a student now, doesn’t mean to

                     forget AERG as an association that I was in 5 years.

A-SPACE:    As a former AERG\KIE president, why have you started your visit of

                     AERG\KIE but begin with your former family “LA CONFIANCE”?

PATRICK: Of course, as an English saying “charity begins at home” and also society is

                     composed of families. So for me there is not association called AERG\KIE

                     without “LA CONFIANCE” family. This is why we’ve begun with visiting

                     this family and we hope that use will participate in order AERG\KIE plans

                     and general assembly that will take place during this coming month.

A-SPACE The acting president of AERG\KIE and many others that coordinate our

                    association, many of them were members of “LA CONFIANCE” family. Is

                    there any secret that is used by “LA CONFIANCE” family for being the only

                    family to provide presidents to our association? What are your comments!

PATRICK:Yes! LA CONFIANCE is a famous family due to its collaboration and unit.

                    All these made this family popular and liked this is why it is the family that

                    gave the many presidents to our association.

A-SPACE:  As a person that was president of AERG\KIE, after finishing your studies,

                     are you still aware of what is happening in the association?

PATRICK:Yes, I am lucky because I work near the institute. So it seems to me very

                     easy to get any information regarding AERG\KIE.

A-SPACE:    For you, AERG\KIE is becoming a very famous and strong among others

                     that exist in our country. What are the new things that AERG\KIE had

                     innovated after your leave? 

PATRICK:  I can say many things such as web that will help in collecting information

                     and different views/opinions from many persons. I can give an example of

                     our former students that are now in Canada, America etc. This web will help

                    us to share views/thought with these persons.

A-SPACE:  You are no longer a student, you are working now. Its said that there is no

                     any other job that a student from KIE can perform except teaching, is that


PATRICK: This is not true at all! The real example is from me. I am nit a teacher but I

                      work in land office as field manager in GASABO district.

A-SPACE:    Information on top now regarding Rwanda and outside Rwanda, is the visit

                      of Nicolas Sarkozy the president of France in our country. You as an

                      educated genocide survivor, what are the benefits of Rwanda concerning

                      this visit?

PATRICK: In my point, this is a political visit than other thing (you can imagine

                     yourself). But this is a wonderful step for France after a long time without

                     any reaction to MUCYO commission regarding their implication and

                     participation in Rwandan genocide. I hope that time will come when France

                     will apologize for what they did.

A-SPACE To end up our interview, what is your special message to all people who will

                     get a chance of visiting our web?

PATRICK: My special message to all people who will visit this web is to tell them open

                     their minds to solve our problems which surely will end.

A-SPACE:   Thanks.

PATRICK: Thanks for this opportunity.




            The interview

First of all we apologise for word shortening in the following we shal be using a-space as the short for aergkiespace.

aspace has visited the new members of aergkie we have fetched their views one of them gave the interview to aspace.

the following is an interview held between a-space and jeanne       


a-space:jane who are u?

Jeanne:  by the names i'm Mekeshimana Jane 21st old,i'm doing arts and languages EDE (english dramma with education)

level 1 (inkende)

a-space:Can u Tell us a bit on your school background?

Jeanne:i've studied the primary at ecole primaire de kibungo,ordinnary level at college st Christophe(cyarubare-kayonza) advanced level at group scolaire Rulindo.

a-space:how have u perceived your deployement to an institute of education like KIE?

Jeanne :I was extremelly happy when i heard that i'll be in kie for further studies,this because i had choosen it 3 times.

a-space:wow ! this is amazing ,normally most of the students used to complain ,trying to change their deployement from KIE to somewherelse why not you?

Jeanne:me not because education is my first interest.i'm living this as inheritance feature ,my father and mom have been teachers for so long time,my sister aswhere me too i've grown with this interest in my mind and i can't change,that is who i'm .

a-space:yuo' ve been longing in kie two months past,now that u have discovered all the corners of kie do u find any difference compared to your secondary school settings?

Jeanne: secondary school and university are categorically different,firstly we used to workall the time in control of our autorities

     but here none cares for you you have to manage yourself ,no teacher cares for students attendances,whether you come or not that is your business.sometime lasiness may encouraged somehow.

a-space: at your scondary school there were aerg,when u compare it to the one u ' ve found in kiedo they differ,similar?

Jeanne:ooh totally different ,this is like comparing heaven to world,there were few members we never exceed 30,and the association was no longer actiove,we used to meet 1 time per trimester after recceiving a permission from headmaster.compared to what i 've seen here, i ' ve shifted from hell to heaven,now wherever i pass ,i meet a brother or a sister we exchange a green as real brothers and aerg is a real homelike.

a-space: Jane do u have a boy friend,are u on the market or none of these is your business?

Jeanne:sorry for boys interested in me ,i have one but he is not officially declared.

a-space:jane when it is time for intertainment what do u enjoy?

Jeanne:i do like dancing but i don't perform it well.

a-space:what kind of dancing ,rap R&B,...?

Jeanne:non,non! i like gishakamba.

a-space:your favorite artiste is...?

Jeanne:in old school Kayirebwa,Rutabana are my favorites and in new shool Diplomate is untalkaboutble.

a-space:Jane for u to say that u are dressed to kill what kind of dressing has to be privileged?

Jeanne:normally i like boys' style like t.shirt,short pants,but when i'm about to be highly smart i put on costumes.

a-space:thank u jane.

Jeanne:u are welcome.



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