Imbere Heza


11/01/2010 06:51


Far from the nightmares of my past

Far from my childhood
Far from the streets of neighborhoods earth
My adolescence

Far from my dances with death
Far from my pain
I'm at home despite the appearance

For here
I rediscovered the joy of living, I am here
I found the taste of love, I am here
I got a life, a family, a country
I am here in Aerg-kie

A piece of land has never been home
It is time that I have learned
When I look around me I find
A new meaning to the homeland

I went through hell on earth
Called my country
I beg your pardon sisters and brothers
But understand my cry (sorry)
I lost everything I hold dear in this cursed country
This is the sad story of our lives

Many lives Have been sacrificed 
On behalf of the fatherland
It sells its own, it betrays
And there was always something with it
What everyone forgets
It does not imply the earth when it's over .

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Photo used under Creative Commons from finchlake2000  © aergkie All rights reserved.