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20/02/2011 13:43
   nyuma y'igihe cyinini iki gikombe gihatanirwa muri AERG/KIE hagati y,imiryango itandukanye uko ari 14 byaje kurangira Friends family ariyo icyegukanye.         

one year Anniversary of AERG UMUTARA POLYTECHNIQUE

20/02/2011 13:42
one year Anniversary of AERG UMUTARA POLYTECHNIQUE the party on the picture.   Guests of honor from left coordinator of AERG UPU,the AERG UP'S father,2nd vice coordinator AERG NATIONAL ,Dr MUSONI UPU'S staff representative, the representative of families parents in AERG UPU  

what's a Shining party

20/08/2010 23:50
28 August on Suturday morning  AERG-KIE refound it's traditional Farewell Party where Diferent Games were organised in all PlayingGround of KIE Football 1st level and 4th level played with 2nd and 3rd level, baskeball, bille, imifuka,Gusimbuka umugozi,bille ku bihiko what...


28/07/2010 00:32
                             agati game become the uncomparable to make evryone louthing during our farewell party louise,bertlide,jeane,nobert,egide were...


28/07/2010 00:00
         thank you God to finesh this to hard exams this was the most pronounced word in KIE this last week were the students from 1,2,4 level ended up their exams but those from  5 level have a long hill to climb up them they still have...

16th comemoration of Tutsi's Genocide

05/07/2010 11:50
Memorial Night /* */ Edit content  Kirehe Visit we visited the genocide orphans and widowers of kigina village in kirehe district during the mourning week and we left them with a smile as pictures proove it /* */ Edit...


16/04/2010 23:31
                      AN INTERVIEW BETWEEN A-SPACE AND THE FORMER AERG/KIE Coordinator. A-SPASE:     Mr. Coordinator, we met you with ladies and gentlemen here in LA...


05/04/2010 19:37
Mbateranyije barwana Umwarimu yabajije umwana ati: " Abana 2 mbateranije n'abana 3 byatanga iki?" Umunyeshuri aramusubiza ati: " Mbateranije barwana!"  


11/01/2010 06:51
  Far from the nightmares of my past Far from my childhood Far from the streets of neighborhoods earth My adolescence Far from my dances with death Far from my pain I'm at home despite the appearance For here I rediscovered the joy of living, I am here I found the taste of love, I...

First blog

10/11/2009 19:08
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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